What a weekend Ate Charo!

If Webes was amazing, Friday was even more incredible!


So after double – triple checking our EE profile details, clicked “I accept” to NB’s nomination on Thursday (23.03.17) around noon time.

Siempre may trabaho pa rin tayo that day Ate Charo plus weekend kaya multi-tasking galore talaga tayo the whole day, run RFQs, send Qtns for TRAS, carry out negos, et al. Walang mashadong chance for petiks lols.

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Am back from Pinas Ate Charo! As usual sunog sa araw at inuubo, lols. It was a brief trip but was quite fruitful; was able to secure almost all of documents we needed. Yung iba waiting release dates when i left and as of date, ay on hand naman na nina Mommy. So, in summary, mission accomplished. Wish ko lang gumaling na ubo ko. Sang linggo na kong tumatahol dito sa opis, dyahe.

Ay andame ko nang sinabe. Tungkol nga pala sa AOR ang post na to. Pagkapick up ng Fedex nung 18th August ang aming Full App, we spent the following week moving, unboxing and cleaning sa new balur, while noting that Ms. S. Gallant received our docs on 23rd August, di muna kami nag expect ng AOR agad kasi yung iba nga naghintay ng 1-2 weeks.

So imagine our happiness when we received below email just 03 days from docs delivery. I was between arranging house stuff (mas kalerqui mag-unbox kesa mag-box Ate Charo) and preparing my luggage dahil pauwi nga ako ng Pinas. Plus endorsements pa sa work. Plus taking care of a puppy and a cat and a husband.

There was so much stuff going during that time. Kakaoverwhelm, but opkors truly grateful.


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NBPNP Full App

Hello Ate Charo! Long time no blog, maski manicure or pedicure waley. As in full sked ang lola mo.

Bukod sa work work work ay naglipat kami ng bahay, plus travel planning, plus ang Full App submission siemps. Sambuwan kaming nagkalap ni Buboy ng sangkatutak na papelssss with the help of the Docs Checklist, sis PJ’s blog and the Pinoy Whatsapp Group.


Indi pala pwedeng ipadala na asa binder itey kaya temporary lang yan. Ang solusyon, sandamakmak na page markers. Thank you Post-it Company ūüôā


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17th July. 11am Sofitel Corniche Abu Dhabi. This is it pancit.

Kokonti Pinoy sa session, parang di sila nainform Ate Charo joke. Pinagsign kami ng NB peeps ng attendance with reference to our email Reg. No. then proceeded sa session hall. Both reps from CIC and NB spoke briefly about the EE program then the interview portion followed immediately. You become eligible for interview when you have a completed EOI form with minimum 67points, IELTS & ECA results.

Ngapala, on 15th July, NOC priority list was updated in the NB website and finally, my NOC 1225 is included! I had goosebumps all over and wanted to jump up and down. Prior I was planning to indicate 1221/1241 as I also perform those duties but deep inside, i know i am a hardcore 1225 lols.

Priority was given for people travelling out of UAE that day and I was fortunate to be ahead of the queue. The interview was quick with verification of our indicated points in the EOI, with reference to our IELTS and ECA results. Voila, instant ITA!



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Job Bank

Kalerqui pala ang JobBank Ate Charo. Parang syang isang malaking grocery store na andami kang gustong items pero wala kang pambili, hehehe joke lang.

Kakaoverwhelm lang, it’s been awhile since I did job hunting. My shift from one company to another dito sa Bahrain is mainly via referral by prior superiors.

Ambait nila dito sobra, basta maayos ka sa trabaho mo, bibigyan ka nila ng mas maganda pang oportunidad sa next na kumpanya. Kakaguilty nga minsan na umalis pa-Canada. Pero para sa kinabukasan itey Ate Charo. Kaya need nating i-push itey. Basta I am doing my best sa work everyday, hanggang sa last working day. Yan ang commitment natin para sa ekonomiya, lols.

Back to  Job Bank, ganire pala pag nagsign up ka sa Job Alerts.


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